17th June 2020

New Home Designer in Newcastle - Out with the old, in with the new

Whether you’ve lived in your home for decades or you’ve purchased a fixer upper, deciding to redesign or rebuild your home is an exciting (and somewhat overwhelming) step. When it comes to making a home addition to your Newcastle home, a Building Designer in Newcastle can achieve this for you while guiding you through the steps of rebuilding your home. 

To help navigate the many steps, a professional design expert can help you make smart decisions from the initial briefing meeting. This will ensure you reap the maximum reward from the process of rebuilding your home.  

With a reputation for custom design solutions, the ability to create wide-open spaces while catering to each client’s individual needs, The Rubix Collective team is experienced in home redesigns, additions and extensions. Our highly skilled team of Design Experts create blueprints that fulfill the design brief with flexibility and customisable options at the forefront – to ensure we deliver superior designs as your New Home Designer in Newcastle.

If you are looking to edit your existing home, please contact The Rubix Collective to commence the design process and discuss your design goals. We are ready to help you realise your home’s potential whether it be an extensive redesign, home addition or knock down rebuild.